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Cookery (4)

While I recently wrote something along the lines of “buy local!”, extolling the virtues of vegetables from one’s own garden, I’m also partial to a Dutch saying “wat je van ver haalt is lekker” — whatever comes from far away … Continue reading

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Mini booth-box

I regularly visit fairs or attend development sprints, and in the course of a few years I’ve gathered together something I call a “mini booth-box”. It’s a plastic crate full of odds and ends that are invariably useful at an … Continue reading

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Cookery (3)

Some folks know that I used to be a fan of the Gallery of Regrettable Food — also a source of recipes to avoid and wonderful pictures. So while re-organizing my house and clearing out shelves, I found a wonderful … Continue reading

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Misinformation Tuesdays

I suppose pointing out deficiencies in /. articles is like pointing out that someone is wrong on the Internet, i.e. it are sadness, i.e. just don’t get started, but when there’s two stories on there in one day that tremendously … Continue reading

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The Open Web is go!

The NLUUG fall conference on Het Open Web (English, the Open Web, and I’ll guess that a little over half of the conference will be in English) is now complete. We have the programme sorted out. Topics (or tracks, if … Continue reading

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One of my favorite recipes is oven-roasted beets and potatoes, au gratin I suppose. It’s one of those things that goes with summer. Fresh potatoes from the garden, beets from the organic grower across the river, local cheese, some rosemary … Continue reading

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Frankfurt wrap up

The KDE e.V. board has decided on a location for a new office in Berlin and we will be moving the e.V. office there fairly quickly; we decided this over generous portions of Frankfurter Green Sauce which is quite an … Continue reading

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I’m in Frankfurt this weekend for a meeting of the board of KDE e.V., where the main topic is the office; we will be moving to Berlin later this year, and selecting a location and planning the move is important … Continue reading

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What a difference fontconfig makes

Time for a collection of screenshots, as an illustration of Qt applications on OpenSolaris, both on a local display driven by a Radeon X1200 and on a Sun Ray thin client. Not from KDE applications (although we have KDE 4.3.0 … Continue reading

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A Link Potpourri

[ This is a brain dump of a bunch of topics collected over the weekend; I also saw a performance of Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas, so that’s why it’s a potpourri and not something more structured. Call me back when … Continue reading

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