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Roundup of NLUUG Fall Conference

Time to put down my NLUUG hat (that’s the purple one, matching the NLUUG color scheme) for this conference round and look back for a moment. It’s good to hear kind words from Sebas about the conference. They pretty much … Continue reading

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The Economist on Clouds

Last week’s The Economist has a leader article titled “Battle of the Clouds” and a six-page briefing “Clash of the Clouds.” It contains some interesting tidbits, such as labeling Apple’s key market “digital music”, Microsoft’s as “operating systems” (with 93% … Continue reading

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We are out of Foz

Well, it has been a wild four days here in Foz do Iguacu. This is the social and travel entry, with KDE and FTF related ones to follow. First off, it was fun to see old friends again — Helio … Continue reading

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Free Software but not Open Source

It is possible for software to be Free Software (in the sense of GPL version 2 compatible), and yet not satisfy the requirements of the Open Source Initiative for being an Open Source license. This is an obscure corner case … Continue reading

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A Travelogue

What’s to say about Amsterdam – it’s too far away from my house to be convenient, and then dead boring with its shopping concourse. Even the whisky store is of little interest because it has prices comparable to the local … Continue reading

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Going South

Up until today, the furthest south I had been in pursuit of Free Software was Abuja, although that was just a touchdown. I have practiced Free Software in Kano (12.1N) and in Bangalore (13.0N). Today, that barrier gets smashed as … Continue reading

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smbmount functionality

Because I was futzing around with Samba yesterday, I installed smbmount (a shell wrapper around /sbin/mount.cifs). I needed to (briefly) mount a network-based NAS in order to move some files to it. I’ll reconfigure the NAS later to take either … Continue reading

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SMB2 Security

While looking to install smbclient on my laptop this morning to talk to some devices on my home network, I was pointed at a security advisory regarding SMB2. It’s about a known defect the SMB2 implementation on Windows 7 — … Continue reading

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GPLv2 clause 6

This week I was in Grenoble for the Embedded Linux Conference Europe. On the seond day of the conference — Friday — I was one of the few people wandering around in a suit. Even the guys who normally wear … Continue reading

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On damages and responsibility

My newspaper — the NRC — contains an item de uitspraak on page two once a week that deals with some recent court ruling. This week it is a copyright-related item, probably spurred on by last week’s controversy about rights … Continue reading

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