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*sniffle* (2)

Another week gone by an no end to my cold in sight. This is getting to be really annoying, as it both fragments my work day and makes me unreliable in responding to just about anything — so various jobs … Continue reading

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FSFE awarded medal for good governance

The Theodor Heuss Foundation (German site, but the Wikipedia article is probably more informative), named after Germany’s first post-war president, is a foundation established to remember the political achievements of Theodor Heuss as an example for social commitment, moral courage … Continue reading

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KOffice on OpenSolaris

Inge Wallin recently blogged about the portability of KOffice — spurred on, no doubt, by the success of the port to the Nokia n900 and to Haiku. So he listed GNU/Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, FreeBSD (thanks, Inge, for checking), Haiku. … Continue reading

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On freeing a project

I saw over on (a very valuable resource for technology articles, well worth your $5), that a RAW picture editor called RawTherapee had been re-licensed from Freeware (gratis, but proprietary) to Free Software, under the GPLv3. The application is … Continue reading

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Last week I was in Berlin, and besides getting some work done, picking up some espresso beans and meeting old friends, I also received a wonderful German cold bug. From my boss Karsten, presumably. We all know that parents of … Continue reading

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Overcompensating is a webcomic (that one is safe for work) which I’ve been reading for years. Patently-O is a blog about patents which I read occasionally — I must admit that my interest in comics pre-dates my interest in patents. … Continue reading

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A cake for Shaun

Well, Shaun, here’s a chocolate cake for you. it’s very similar to the pecan cake I wrote earlier — but closer to the “ultimate chocolate brownie” recipe that I based both off of. Chocolate cake for Shaun: Mix three eggs … Continue reading

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License Badges, 0.7 version

I’ve added some bits and pieces to my badges-for-licenses scheme, mostly based on comments received from readers. Most notably, I’ve added the LGPL, added links to the license texts, twiddled the CSS a bit, added mouse-over warning messages to those … Continue reading

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Free (as in Speech)

The Netherlands has a “dichter des vaderlands”, a national poet. I don’t know if that would be comparable with a British poet laureate — perhaps because the Dutch one is primarily a product of a single newspaper / publisher. The … Continue reading

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Another note on dual-licensing

I recently wrote about the FreeType license and its double license and why it was necessary. It’s an interesting situation (for FreeType itself) because there’s the GPLv2 and a second Free Software license involved — the FTL, which is basically … Continue reading

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