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Freedom (from lawsuits, to a point)

Today (yesterday? timezones are confusing) the jury in the long-long-long-running case of SCO vs. Novell returned a verdict. on the question whether the copyrights (to UNIX) were transferred to SCO. The jury answered “no”, which bring to a sort-of-close the … Continue reading

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EBN Down

The English Breakfast Network — which hosts the KDE code checking site,, an anonsvn mirror for KDE, my irssi-in-screen instance and a bunch of other stuff — is down following a power outage at the university. While the older … Continue reading

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Freedom! (Document-wise)

Today, March 31st, is Document Freedom Day. It’s a day in which we (for some fuzzy meaning of “we”, but including at least Free Software developers) stress the importance of Open document formats. Those are formats which are documented as … Continue reading

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In sickness and in health

It’s a tale any parent would recognize: now that my sniffles are nearly dried up and I no longer sound like Tom Waits and can speak several sentences without a coughing fit, my daughter Mira has come down with something … Continue reading

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Continuing drought of tech, KDE or legal related posts from me. At the advent of spring, though, our little dead-end-street organized a Guys/Dads Day Out. The six of us (it’s a dead end street with six houses in a row) … Continue reading

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Printemps non O Lent

Back from Vienna: check. Presentation for FSFE successful: check. Gift for MOMC given: check. Color of Danube HTML-ified: 6093D1. Health: still not there. While it’s getting to be severely spring here, I’m still wrestling with the tail end of the … Continue reading

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Oh. Vienna!

Huzzah, time to use another Ultravox song title in a blog post. What’s that you say? Mid-80s music references indicate a midlife crisis? Right. But for the first time in my life I’m in Austria for non-skiing activities, and I’ll … Continue reading

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What midlife crisis?

I’m in a train, listening to old Metallica on an iPod while reading government documents about software procurement. Was this ever a career choice my ninth grade teachers gave me? It’s a time of change for me in Lent, as … Continue reading

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Let a Thousand Licenses Bloom

A software license lets you do something that you otherwise would not be allowed to do, given the limited permissions granted by Copyright law. That is, it changes the “all rights reserved” into “some permissions granted and all other rights … Continue reading

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KDE 4.4.1 and OpenSolaris

Oracle has confirmed that they’re doing something with OpenSolaris, it’s not being sunk to create a diving reef or anything, so the folks who have been putting effort into KDE4 on OpenSolaris can carry on a bit. There’s KDE 4.4.1 … Continue reading

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