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Last minute preparations

The old adage "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it" applies, but nonetheless I felt the need to fix my laptop. It was cluttered with FSFE materials that I shouldn’t be carrying around, for one thing, and the Kubuntu 9.04 … Continue reading

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Upcoming Conferences

Two upcoming (in the fall, that is) conferences of note whose calls for papers are still open. FSCONS: the Call for Papers is open until June 30th. FSCONS is a tremendously fun conference because it’s not just software technology, but … Continue reading

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Free(BSD) Graphics

Sebas wrote about Free and fast graphics a while back, which has led me to try the same on FreeBSD. I have a similar setup, with two monitors attached to a Radeon 4350. I’ve written about the 4350 on FreeBSD … Continue reading

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Looking at Konversation

Hunh, so I fired up Konversation on FreeBSD this weekend (after deciding that hanging around via irssi in screen was no longer something I wanted to do) and after three minutes had a list of usage questions a mile long. … Continue reading

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Akademy bits and pieces

As Paul and Aaron and Lydia have pointed out, Akademy is approaching. I’ll be flying out to Tampere next week. Gotta remember to pick up some good souvenirs for the kids this time around. My previous visit I ended up … Continue reading

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IFOSSLR #3 is out

The IFOSSLR — the International Free and Open Source Software Law Review — has published issue #3. The IFOSSLR is the only journal dedicated exclusively to Free Software legal issues. While I was the FTF-Coordinator at the FSFE it was … Continue reading

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Chairing at Akademy

So Lydia has posted a call for chairs. This, of course, allows me to launch the "I’m chairing at Akademy" button which is done in the style of Paul Adams. Also, an image search turned up a creepy sheep chair … Continue reading

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Trying my hand at blogilo

Now that I’ve finished a portupgrade to KDE SC 4.4.4 on my FreeBSD 8-STABLE desktop machine at home (I use FreeBSD and OpenSolaris on my desktop machines, and I’ll be switching my laptop to OpenSUSE soon) I’ve got a chance … Continue reading

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Whoa, you blink and all of a sudden two weeks have gone by. This is probably related to ongoing health issues (I continue to be very susceptible to every cold germ out there) and by me focusing my attention on … Continue reading

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Remote DVD drives

The EBN server — the real one, the box in a data centre with dual power supplies and lots of other jazz — is about to be re-fitted with OpenSUSE on it. That means swapping some drives around. At least, … Continue reading

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