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Talk in Madrid

When in Madrid, seize the moment to talk about KDE — at the end of a friday afternoon after a day’s worth of meetings. The talk is open to all, so if you care to drop in (Dario will have … Continue reading

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This saturday there’s a KDE 4.6.0 release party in Madrid. I’ll be flying out of there at some horrible hour of the morning on saturday, so I’ll miss it. 6am? Maybe. The evening before the release party my friend Felipe … Continue reading

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Blog Moved

What finer activity on a sunday evening than migrating wordpress installations? I’ve moved my blog to hosting of my own; hosting which powers a bunch of my weird-inclination domain names. It so happens that the primary domain is, which … Continue reading

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Newer OSOL packages

KDE 4.5.4 (why wasn’t that codenamed "pound" or such?) was released some time ago, so there’s updated OpenIndiana packages available. You can find them at the KDE 4.5 package repository. The naming is now deceptive: it’s KDE 4.5.4 in the … Continue reading

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Change of direction

I see it’s been about six weeks since I last wrote something – anything – on my blog. Since then we’ve had Sinterklaas, Christmas, New Year’s, I’ve baked a variety of things that might have spiced up various tech articles, … Continue reading

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