Month: April 2011

Upcoming Conferences – NLUUG VJ11

The NLUUG, Dutch organization for Open Standards and Open Systems, has been organizing twice-a-year conferences for ages. This will be my last one as a member of the board of the association; it’s been an interesting three (five?) years, but I find I don’t have the time to be properly involved. My daily work is […]

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A tiny licensing light

I read — a Dutch news website which isn’t very good newswise, but whose layout loads quickly on my phone — fairly often. I was most surprised to find the following tag on a map in an article: (it’s a map of Libya, you can see it if you scroll down). I was surprised […]

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KDE4 on OpenSolaris update

The KDE4 on OpenSolaris project carries on. The right adverb is probably "doggedly". We continue to follow KDE releases of the KDE Plasma Desktop, Applications and Frameworks. The TechBase page has been somewhat updated (although I’m not really clear on whether that kind of project belongs there or on The 4.6 branch for specfiles […]

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