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NLUUG Fall conference 2011

So, with NLUUG’s spring conference behind us, it’s time to look to the future. A future that actually started 10 years ago but is only now becoming really darn important except that not everyone’s paying attention. I’m talking, of course, … Continue reading

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Some things Oracle just doesn’t get

Yesterday at the NLUUG conference I picked up a Solaris 11 Express CD in a nice brownish CD sleeve (I say "nice" because it feels and looks different from the generic white sleeves). Here’s a scan of the back of … Continue reading

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NLUUG spring conference 2011

Yesterday (the 12th of May) was the NLUUG Spring conference 2011. The theme was "Open is Efficient" — a theme which can be explained any number of ways. Keynotes were along the theme of the social contract and cooperation, and … Continue reading

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Open Source alternatives for Skype

So with Skype — already proprietary software, already dubious — probably going to Microsoft (as I read via Simon Phipps to the Grauniad and Johan Thelins) there’s an extra impetus to find something else. I’ll just highlight Blink, a Python/Qt4 … Continue reading

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Get on Git

(This post has nothing to do with Aaron’s gitit post – different topic altogether) I was building OpenIndiana packages of KDE 4.6.2 (the plasma workspace and some of the application bundles, to start with) when I encountered a compile error. … Continue reading

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Quassel bump on OpenIndiana

Folk — ok, just Johannes — showed up in #kde4-solaris asking about Quassel packages for OpenIndiana. Quassel is a disconnected IRC client, useful if you move from computer to computer regularly and want to take your IRC session with you. … Continue reading

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