Month: June 2011

KDE 4.7 on OpenSolaris

Since KDE 4.7 first alpha was released two weeks ago, we’ve slowly started work on KDE 4.7.x specfiles for OpenSolaris / OpenIndiana / Oracle Solaris 11 / Solaris 10 (what a terrible naming confusion — there’s the enterprise stuff from Sun, Solaris 10, which is old but semi-supported by us; there’s OpenSolaris which is dead […]

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The keyboard is dusty but my engine is clean

It didn’t take me two-fifths of lead-free gasoline, but I was off for a week riding my bike for a family vacation. It was very restful, most of the time. Amiel is six, so he got to ride his own cycle. This naturally limits our range to about 35km a day at the very most. […]

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