Month: July 2012

Sharing bugs, fixing code

Martin Graesslin has taught me much this week. Back in april I wasn’t paying attention, so I missed his series of blog posts on for developers, and in particular I missed the bit on saved and shared searches. It bears repeating: if you have an interesting search and are logged in, you can save it […]

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Bug Triage

The KDE 4.4.4 buglist is, if not shrinking, then at least being confirmed that the bugs existed — and some still do. There’s cases where it’s unclear if the bug is actually a bug: when Firefox, Internet Explorer and Konqueror and Rekonq all display the same behavior (behavior which seems to be at odds with […]

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Time Warp!

I was thinking of trying the PC-BSD version 9.1 beta. Digging through a pile of hard drives looking for space, I found a set of drives for the FreeBSD 7.3 setup that once was the EBN, and a single drive that turned out to boot into FreeBSD 8.1-PRE with KDE 4.4.4. I think it was […]

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