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Activity Blobs

Albert’s item about Okular contributors (a great idea to thank those who contributed their time over the past year — and I’ll say thank you to all the Okular developers who make my document-reading-life a nicer place) and also Seif writing about … Continue reading

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Over the Christmas season we bought an electronic drum kit so that my daughter can practice at home; she’s 9, but I hope that some day we can play “Ace of Spades” together. But the most exciting item in the … Continue reading

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Eerie silence

The Samsung 840 SSD drives have dropped enough in price that I bought one (for this year’s combined sinterxmasbirthday). Then I pulled my older AMD machine out of the storage closet and installed OpenSUSE 12.2. Which in itself isn’t much … Continue reading

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New year

Ah, new years. A time of (sometimes planned) changes. Inge, I hope your hand gets better, or whatever it is. Me, I’ve resolved to quit being such a wuss with respect to git and actually use it a bit, and so … Continue reading

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