FOSDEM 2013 (Legal Quotes)

“Minimal compliance vs. abundant compliance” “It is imperative that Free Software becomes visible in App Stores” “Morally wrong is sometimes practically convenient” “Clarification is difficult” “Bastards”

Last time I was at FOSDEM was three years ago, I think. Part of the venue has moved to a new building — it’s much bigger and airier. I must say that I don’t miss standing next to the drafty exit at the lower end of the H building, but it did have its charm. Plenty of interesting stands to visit. GNOME still have their nice round 2″ foot stickers. KDE is well-stocked with T-shirts, but our hoodies and bags have sold out already. Postgres has very nice frosted-glass mugs. Oracle has no mention of Solaris at all — drat, I was vaguely hoping they might still have Solaris beer mugs. For once, I’ve got some time to visit talks, the legal devroom in particular.
The legal devroom is just packed — has been all day.  I think that’s an amazing change (for the better) from a few years back when legal was still a tiny niche topic.

Keeping SSDs fresh

With a new SSD the laptop is quieter and feels faster than before. I want to keep it that way, which (still) means keeping the number of writes to it down. OpenSUSE has some tips, as does Fedora, but they leave a few bits untouched which might be useful, so I’m taking note here.

 – Make /tmp a tmpfs filesystem. This means no longer relying on /tmp across reboots, but those are pretty rare since I usually just suspend-to-RAM.
 – Make /var/log tmpfs, too. This is an agressive optimization, but I think it’s acceptable for a laptop.
 – Disable scheduler on disk sda, force syslog to write to /var/log in RAM.
 – Set syslog to log warn and above only.
The hard part is getting rid of a .xsession-errors that keeps growing (and getting written to). KDM can be configured to write the file elsewhere (and that’s documented) but you still need to hack the Xsession script to stop X from (re-)creating that file. I kept meaning to write down what I did, but .. good intentions and all.

Speaking of good intentions: I’ll be at FOSDEM, mostly at the KDE booth (everyone at the booth has also written “but I hope to attend some talks, too” on the schedule, so we’ll see. It’s been quite some time since I remember sitting with Anne-Marie at the bar across from Manneken Pis, ordering all the beers we couldn’t pronounce.