Month: August 2015

FreeBSD on Beagle Bone Black (with X11)

X11 clients on the Beagle Bone Black .. that’s X11 over the network, with the X Server elsewhere. No display as yet. The FreeBSD wiki notes that there’s no (mini) HDMI driver yet. So I built some X11 programs, xauth(1) and xmessage(1), and installed them on the Bone. Since I bought a blue case for […]

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FreeBSD on Beagle Bone Black (easy as pie)

For a long time, my Beagle Bone Black ┬ásat on my desk, gathering dust. Recently I decided I would give it a purpose: as a replacement for the crappy DHCP server and DNS on my home┬árouter (it’s a Huawei g655d, and it has poor wireless range, a lousy interface, and wonky internal DNS). I ran […]

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