Qt 5.5.1 has landed in FreeBSD

The Qt5 (meta-)port and all its dependent ports have been updated to Qt 5.5.1 in FreeBSD. Special thanks to Yuri Victorovich, who did an independent Qt 5.5.1 port and whose work has been gratefully incorporated into this update. Thanks also to Ralf Nolden for pushing for better upgrade-paths and co-installability.

Users of Qt5 on FreeBSD are advised to consult the UPDATING file, as some ports have been split. Users of Qt4 are unaffected by this change; Qt4 and Qt5 can be co-installed on FreeBSD.

This update opens the doors to (finally!) getting KDE Frameworks and KDE Plasma Desktop ports into the official ports tree.

There is no Qt5 option in the nethack 3.6 port, nor is there one planned.

Nethack 3.6 has landed

A little over a month ago I wrote about Nethack 3.6 being released. I haven’t ascended in it yet — Kerbal Space Program has been occupying spare cycles instead. But after a bit of massaging and extra goes-around because of the way FreeBSD ports get updated, the nethack 3.6 port has now landed in the official ports tree. I don’t think there’s a package of it yet.

This is my first port to hit the official tree. Zanshin will follow.

KDE ports updates are getting nearer, since the KDE-FreeBSD team is now doing exp-runs (those are rebuild-everything-with-an-updated-port build jobs that touch all supportd FreeBSD versions and architectures) for Qt 5.5 and the latest CMake. So there’s a whole slew of ports updates looming on the horizon.

Goin’ to FOSDEM

Today I built quasselcore for FreeBSD on armv6 — well, I say today but it took about 20 hours of cross-compiling to get all the bits, then another 10 minutes to repackage because all I wanted was the core, to run on my BeagleBone. So score one more qt5-based package that works on FreeBSD on miniature machines. While building, it touched on LLVM, and BSD, and maybe IoT, and that finally reminded me that I needed to get my butt in gear and actually book travel for FOSDEM.

I’ve skipped a few years, but I’m looking forward to seeing some of the familiar KDE faces there, as well as finally meeting a couple of the KDE-FreeBSD folks. There’s a long list of familiar faces at the Legal Devroom. For once, I have a plan of talks that I want to see, even some that I can claim are work-work related (yay!). Whether I’ll be useful at the KDE booth, I don’t know: last time I was there there was Plasma-desktop to be demonstrated and me with still KDE4 on my laptop. I’m not a good poster child for the modern generation.

As usual, I expect there to be waffles and too much beer and much random Free-Software joy.

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Plasma 5.5.3, Applications 15.12.1 and Frameworks 5.18.0 by KDE on FreeBSD

Thanks to the Chakra announcement, I could copy-and-paste the title of this blog post. Thanks, folks.

The latest round of software releases by the KDE Community — Frameworks, Plasma, and Applications — can be found the KDE-on-FreeBSD community’s area51 repository. These are unofficial ports, not yet included in the official ports tree.

One day, these ports will all be merged upstream, but not yet. There are some steps to be taken first. One of them is updating Qt upstream, to Qt 5.5. I’m told this is “somewhat close”. When that is done, it becomes possible to introduce the newer KDE releases as well. The integration issues aren’t so much the KDE software itself, as getting everything in ports to build and build nicely.

Once that is done, you can expect KDE Frameworks 5 to start infiltrating the ports tree, and then the whole flood of Plasma Desktop and the KDE Applications.

Zanshin 0.3 on FreeBSD

When Zanshin 0.3 was released, it took just an hour or so to update the FreeBSD port for it. Since then, the real K-F folks Tobias and Rafael have put some polish on the port, made it compatible with FreeBSD 9-STABLE and 11-CURRENT, and pushed it into area51.

So, if you use the experimental KDE-on-FreeBSD repository, you can build Zanshin 0.3 today. Its dependencies are KDE4-based, so it is compatible with the official ports tree as well. Do follow the instructions for merging area51-trunk with the official tree though, since there’s all kinds of massaging that has happened already as preparation for KDE Frameworks 5, and that massaging needs to be merged as well.