FreeBSD Plasma 5.4.1 and Frameworks 5.14.

Just a quick note that the KDE-FreeBSD “bleeding edge” ports repository area51 has been updated to the most-recently-released KDE Frameworks 5.14.0 and Plasma Desktop 5.4.1. These packages have been poudriere-built on 9.3 x86, 10.2 amd64 and 11 amd64 (no, I’m not building Plasma Desktop for Beagle Bone just yet). Information on area51 is on the K-F site, although you’ll want the plasma5-branch, which is at

One thought on “FreeBSD Plasma 5.4.1 and Frameworks 5.14.

  1. Hey, Me again. I got some good news. I have xorg up and running and a twm desktop.
    pkg install xorg and xf86-video-scfb is all it needed.
    No desktops i can find yet from packages.
    HDMI is working well.

    There is a thread on FreeBSD forum under embedded for xorg.conf