Women in Dutch IT

I’ve written about women in Dutch IT before — on the old bobulate, which no longer exists. I can point to women in IT in Switserland / Brasil and Denmark and lots of other countries and even the Netherlands, but the Netherlands on the whole remains a problematic area. Since 1994 or so — possibly earlier — the participation of women in IT and university IT education in particular has been very low. I usually cite numbers around 3-5% of the students. A new EU study (PDF, 4.7MB, reported in Dutch as well) reconfirms this dismal view: the Netherlands is down at the bottom.

2 thoughts on “Women in Dutch IT

  1. the repeated, bolded references to “Cisco says 100% of their jobs help others and improve the world” were sort of creepy.

    • O yeah, that’s plenty creepy — that’s something to be careful of when reading (heavily) sponsored reports and something I should have warned about.