Stoke my ego some more

Last week I gave a talk at an NOiV event (NOiV is the Dutch government agency created to oversee the motion to prefer Free Software in government procurement) and today the speakers got back the evaluation results. I’m happy to have gotten good marks (7.5 out of 10) and to have had “Adriaan’s enthusiasm for Open Source” named explicitly by two different respondents as a cool thing about the event.

Now I need to change my style for any speaking I may be doing at GCDS. I’ve promised to bring the traditional (?) speaker-motivation instruments for Akademy, and I’ll need to lay off the buzzwords a little.

One thought on “Stoke my ego some more

  1. Do you regularly give such talks? I take it you are Dutch? Do you live in the Netherlands? Would you be interested in getting in touch with me? I work at a Dutch consulting company and I’ve been playing with the thought of organizing a lecture about the organizational aspects of OSS.


    PS: there’s a typo in your title.