Calamares releases

It’s been a quiet month for me for blogging, but one filled with unexpected and weird and not-really-bloggable things. There was a trip to Berlin, where I had the pleasure of meeing up with a bunch of KDE people whom I hadn’t seen for over a month. Long time. There was also an accident with maple syrup, I’m sure.

Anyway, there have been four (!) Calamares releases since I last wrote about it on august 23rd (two months ago). These mix various bugfixes with various regression-fixes. This illustrates that I need a better set of acceptance tests before releasing — which take a surprisingly long time to set up, since the regressions are things like “Installing Chakra with network packages fails”, not simple stuff that is OS-, hardware- and installation-independent.

The latest release fixes that Chakra (or, rather, Calamares netinstall) problem. I’m happy to report that there’s a few new Linuxen evaluating Calamares as a system installer.

Plans for the near future include a 3.2 with some new features and much nicer support from new KPMCore releases, and ongoing care for the 3.1.x series. When and how, is in the hands of the vagaries of inspiration and long sessions with pen and paper figuring out just how things should work.

2 thoughts on “Calamares releases

  1. opps, it seems to me that u shut down the comment area in ur old posts, thats quite uncommon, as people (especially the newbies) just find their interested topics in ur old posts, they will feel sorry that cant communicate with u because of that.

    I came across with ur freebsd and wayland blog today. I am really interested in ur opinion on one of my main doubt on Wayland:
    ‘does Wayland undermines the freedom of customizing my own “Window Manager” ? ‘

    my own thought is that, there is no doubt Wayland is a bright future, but is that means I cant customize my own Window manager now: e.g.

    1. for me, as a emacs user I like to start emacs only on xorg, so I do this:
    feh(wallpaper)+campton(transparency)+emacs (full screen) startup in “.xinitrc”

    2 sometimes I wanna play around with firefox or movie etc.
    heavily customized i3wm with rofi or dmenu (window switcher)

    3 any other cases I wanna create my own WM
    thank u for ur reading and ur comments will be appreciated!

    • Hi Yuanchuan, you’ll have to ask someone more knowledgable about Wayland about that. I just got it to build (and run) on FreeBSD. As far as I understand the architecture, the role of window manager (which in X is optional, but could be twm, or i3, or kwin_x11, or ..) is largely taken over by the compositor (eg. the reference compositor Weston, or kwin_wayland, or ..). There’s no special reason why Wayland in itself reduces your choice .. except that you *must* have a compositor, so your emacs-only X11 desktop isn’t going to work out.