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“Of course it runs FreeBSD, too” is something I said a lot in the past week (regarding the Pine64, mostly, but also about my Slimbook). I also said “Of course it runs on FreeBSD, too” a lot. Naturally area51, the unofficial KDE-FreeBSD ports tree, contains the latest in released KDE software. Plasma 5.12 and KDE Frameworks 5.42, with Qt 5.9.4. We just bumped Qt to pick up a patch from KDE’s Eike Hein to fix some weird hover behavior. So we’re all up-to-date on the KDE front, and I’ve been running it as my main desktop since the build finished in poudriere.

On the official ports front, Qt 5.9.4 and KDE Frameworks 5.42 are what we’ve got. There’s a big move coming up of KDE4 ports, which is to make room (in a sense) for KDE Applications and the Plasma Desktop ports. If you’re using KDE4 from ports, then expect package bumps and renames over the weekend (no functional change, just a lot of ports will get a -kde4 name to distinguish them from the currently-maintained, up-to-date un-suffixed ports which will land afterwards.

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  1. I am using GNOME 3 but I like to switch to KDE (I was KDE user from when it came out). I do not want KDE 4 but all this years I am waiting to Plasma 5 but I CANNOT find information if it will come to the ports. It will be the nearer future or I should forget for the KDE?

    Thank you.
    I know that is hard work and I am appreciated…

    1. If? Certainly. Timeframe? Well, we’ve been saying “soon now” for more than a year. Today we landed some KDE4-reorganization so that there’s (name)space for modern KDE applications. So “soon now” still applies. But you can get KDE Plasma + modern applications easily enough by building them from Area51 ( or from instructions in this blog — search for Plasma on FreeBSD, for instance.

  2. Hi,

    Just installed Plasma 5.12 on Freebsd 11.1 from Area51 repo, works great, very stable. One issue though, I can’t change any settings. For example, setting time zone, it says “You are not allow to save the configuration” and OK is greyed out. Same thing for other system settings like Startup and Shutdown, etc. I don’t get prompted for root password or anything to change these settings.

    I’m using SCCM login manage, polkit, polkit-qt5 and plasma5-polkit-kde-agent-1 are installed. Is there something I need to configure to be allowed to change these settings?

    P.S. In regards to time, my system time is EST5EDT and in CLI it shows the right time, but KDE is set to UTC and I can’t change it. KDE clock shows UTC time, which is 5 hours ahead of proper system time.

    1. That’s probably something to report on the (FreeBSD) bugtracker, not as a comment on a blog or in an IRC conversation. Remember when reporting bugs to include screenshots and big red arrows drawn on them saying “SEE HERE IS THE PROBLEM” because others might not spot it otherwise.

      I can’t change the time on my system either: but then I’ve never wanted to because it has ntpd running which I set up elsewhere. As for displaying the right timezone, that’s RMB on the clock, pick Digital Clock Settings, click Time Zones and pick the right timezone for you. I deselected UTC and selected Amsterdam to get the right display for me (system clock set to UTC).

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