More Laptops

One of the things to come out of Akademy is the first community release of the KDE neon Pinebook Remix image. I’ve been carrying around the Pinebook for some time — since FOSDEM, really, where I first met some of the Pine folks. At Akademy, TL was back and we (that’s a kind of royal “we”, because TL and Rohan and Bhushan and other people did all the hard work) got around to putting the finishing touches on the Pinebook image.

There’s not much to show beyond what you can see on the Dot already (my own Pinebook is looking a bit beat-up after a year, and the drawing Timothée did on it is rubbing off), really, so I’m not going to add photos: the Pinebook is a low-cost, low-power, quite adequate laptop, and it runs a modern KDE Plasma.

2 thoughts on “More Laptops

  1. Does it run Netflix in Falkon?

    For my x86_64 laptop I had to download Google Chrome debian package, extract the files, and then copy the widevine .so files to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/ppapi/. Then Falkon just worked with Netflix.

    • That’s .. not a use-case I’ve considered or would personally try. You might go looking for the relevant files in Debian arm64 repositories, who knows.