.. in with the New

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything about the state of current KDE software in FreeBSD. So, without further ado:

  • Qt is now at 5.10.1; work on 5.11 is proceeding. Right now, WebEngine is still at 5.9.5, and that’s remaining so for 5.11 unless we have a sudden influx of free time to work on that monster.
  • KDE Frameworks are at 5.49, which is the august 2018 release; 5.50 hasn’t come out yet but we’re ready for them when they do.
  • KDE Applications are at 18.08.0, which again is the august 2018 release; 18.08.1 was just released today.
  • KDE Plasma is at 5.12.5, so we’re one whole minor release behind (5.13.5 came out on tuesday). This is actually blocked by libinput, which is lagging in FreeBSD.
  • KDevelop version 5.2.3 is one patch level behind

So except for the Qt version, we’re keeping up reasonably well with the modern stuff. And we’ve finally joined most of the Linux distributions in deprecating KDE4 software. For KDE4-using ports that are not “ours”, we’re encouraging other ports maintainers to update them (e.g. to KF5-enabled versions) or follow in deprecating the software.

5 thoughts on “.. in with the New

  1. .. and I just updated KDE Applications ports to 18.08.1, thanks to work already done by tcberner@, so that’s one more fresh-as-fresh-can-be.

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    • PR 227832 is for an update, and PR 220896 says the old version doesn’t work. (That’s a “no”, it comes down to having time to commit the ports, and being able to test it — I can do one but not the other)