KDE4 and Qt4 deprecation in FreeBSD

This is a reminder — for those who don’t read all of the FreeBSD mailing lists — that KDE4 is marked deprecated in the official ports tree for FreeBSD, and will be removed at the end of this year (in about 20 days). Then Qt4 will be removed from the official ports tree in mid-march.

Since both pieces of software are end-of-life and unmaintained upstream already for several years, the kde@ team at FreeBSD no longer can maintain them. Recent time-sinks were dealing with OpenSSL 1.1.1, libressl, C++17, .. the code is old, and there’s newer, nicer, better-maintained code available generally by replacing 4 with 5.

Users are encouraged to migrate to Qt5 and KDE Plasma plus KDE Applications. The easiest way to do so is to follow the instructions on the KDE-FreeBSD community wiki.

3 thoughts on “KDE4 and Qt4 deprecation in FreeBSD

  1. Why can’t you keep the libraries (Qt 4, kdelibs 4, kde-runtime) available, so that legacy applications keep working? In Fedora, we never supported old versions of the KDE/Plasma desktop, but we still ship the KDE 3 and 4 libraries. There are applications that will likely never get ported.

    • I’m not going to sign up to “maintain” (as in, make-it-compile-with-clang-7) Qt3, Qt4, and kdelibs. Keeping old libraries has a maintainence cost which the kde@ team on FreeBSD isn’t willing to pay.

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