SSL Certs on my sites

LetsEncrypt is wonderful — SSL certificates automatically generated and updated. CertBot does the actual work in one of its many incarnations. Most of my sites use LetsEncrypt to auto-renew certificates. Recently the CertBot at my hoster stopped updating, and now certificates are expiring. The hoster isn’t responding to mail asking them to give CertBot a kick in the pants, so I’m starting to look at other options. It’s weird because for the past 10 years they’ve been good Open-Source-Friendly hosters.

If things move there will probably be a hiccup in access, but I’ll give a shout when it does. The Calamares site runs on GitHub, so is unaffected by this whole thing.

2 thoughts on “SSL Certs on my sites

  1. Can confirm hiccups :(.

    Using Firefox, but I expect it’s universal. On the up(?) side I saw your post through an RSS feed of Planet KDE… which makes me a bit worried that *their* feed is not using HTTPS to access your RSS feed. This might be an additionaly security security risk for people using the Planet KDE RSS feed, and I think you should probably make them aware of it.