KDE4ward on FreeBSD

KDE4 is deprecated in FreeBSD. Even more: kdelibs4 doesn’t build on 12-STABLE because of changes in OpenSSL. The KDE-FreeBSD has decided not to put any effort into reconciling long-EOL’ed software with current dependencies.

Of course, we don’t want to lose software if we can help it. So there is a wiki page detailing which packages there are and what we are doing about it. (The Debian wiki page for the same is quite useful, too; both wiki pages address the broader issue of removing Qt4)

Right now we’re in the phase of figuring out what can be moved forward, and what is really over and out. As an example: basket. This is a desktop-organizer application. At one time it was (nearly?) part of KDE-PIM, but has wandered off to be a not-KDE-community project. It’s still alive, and (nearly?) has a KDE Frameworks-based release. So we updated that port from v1.81 to somewhere post-2.49. Software saved, KDE4ward!

I did kaffeine, the media player, this evening, and our friends from GNOME-FreeBSD did avahi-qt5. We’re rapidly reaching a point where we’ve updated our own ports and everyone else’s that depends on KDE4, to newer versions if they are available at all. The effect on users should be minimal (if pulling-in-Qt5 is considered minimal).

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