Semantik on FreeBSD

Semantik 1.2.0 was just released this week. It is (or was) one of the bits of KDE4-era software in the FreeBSD ports tree. So our packaging has jumped forward by two years for this particular piece of software. Here it is, running in a weird test-VM without a KDE Plasma environment:

Screenshot of Semantik 1.2.0

Semantik 1.2.0, with the example sheet loaded and a preview generated.

I’d like to thank Thomas Nagy for being a responsive upstream, particularly in the face of downstream-packager questions (which can be summarized as “I can’t be arsed to read the manual and I don’t use this application normally, but I compiled it and now it doesn’t do what I expect”).

This leaves us with just four applications to update (or rescue) from the KDE4 era before The Kulling takes place.

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