KDE4 on FreeBSD, post-mortem

The KDE4 ports in the official FreeBSD ports tree have been removed. I was there at the release party, in Mountain View, in 2008. And I’m here at the end of 2018 to cast some earth upon it.

The KDE-FreeBSD team has spent the past month or more, along with FreeBSD ports committers and maintainers who have other KDE4-related ports, in bringing things up-to-date with recent KDE-Frameworks-based releases, with hunting down alternatives, and with making the tough call that some things are just going away. Thanks to Rene for doing the portmgr commits to clean it up (r488762, r488763, r488764 and followups to remove KDE4-options from other ports) .

The modern KDE Plasma desktop, KDE Applications, and the rest of the stack continue to be actively supported. As of this writing, there’s 20 ports bugs open for kde@, so I think we’re doing OK.

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