What midlife crisis?

I’m in a train, listening to old Metallica on an iPod while reading government documents about software procurement. Was this ever a career choice my ninth grade teachers gave me?

It’s a time of change for me in Lent, as the MOMC is going back to work as a manager and organizer for an NGO that promotes mathematics to schoolkids — that means I’ll probably blog a little more about elementary schools and maths here. But when she’s working, that means I need to shift my schedule a bit to bring kids to school and swimming lessons. Fewer late nights for hacking, which means it will just have to move into the day.

3 thoughts on “What midlife crisis?

  1. Gosh, poor you, having to follow the eat-sleep-work-schedule 95% of the adults in NL also has to go through… 😉

    But old Metallica, yes, that smells midlife crisis to me. Really.

    Oh and again a big thanks for cooking for my housemates & me on monday, we were inspired by your creativity!

    • I don’t *like* that eat-sleep cycle. Not for very long, at least. I’ll get used to it, so this is just one singly whiny post, ok?

      And it was my pleasure cooking for y’all. I do try to spread the word of bulgur-with-random-vegetable-mush everywhere.