EBN resumes service

The EBN machine, which hosts (sadly under-maintained) and (Krazy code checking tools) and (OpenIndiana packages of KDE4) and some other things like an anonsvn mirror (note to self and/or sysadmin: need to set up anongit mirror, too), is back up. The usual “oh, drat” accompanied the downtime, like needing to do a […]

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Rains, pours, downtime

There’s a few things I learned today: One is that FreeBSD with UFS2 is a little slow when dealing with directories with over a million files in them. The KDE SVN — created way back in the SVN 1.4 or earlier days — is set up like that, with one flat directory structure. As a […]

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Extended downtime for EBN

Overconfidence goeth before a fall, they say. The software upgrades on the EBN machine are taking a good deal longer than intended. Part of this is some unexpected trips I had to make, but mostly it’s just that 6.2-6.4-7.4-8.0 is a lot of buildworlds (which take surprisingly long!) and reboots, followed by the realization that […]

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