EBN scheduled downtime

The university where the EBN is hosted is having some scheduled downtime to replace the air-conditioning units. The maintainence window starts in 10 hours and is 4 hours long, so from 7am to 11am on Saturday, February 12th in the Europe/Amsterdam timezone (GMT+1 right now). I don’t know how long the work will take, nor when exactly the machine will be back up (it takes a while to press the “on” button on so many machines), but it’ll be down for a bit. I expect to HACF the machine early tomorrow morning, say 6:50am.

Planned downtime on the EBN

The server running the EBN (a Sun X4200 running FreeBSD — soon to be running OpenSolaris in a VM) is getting a bit long in the tooth, software-wise, and it turns out that it can no longer even run all of the software needed for improvements to the EBN. Bertjan has been bugging me to update it, which I can’t until I update the whole machine from 6-CRUFTY to 8-STABLE, so I’m going to plan some downtime for the EBN machine: this weekend, 8 and 9 may 2010, from 12 noon (GMT) on the 8th until midnight (GMT) on the 9th. That should give me enough time to bring the machine down, make additional backups, upgrade the heck out of it (all except hardware, unless someone cares to donate a pair of ECC Registered DDR2-800 DIMMs) and bring it back up. There may be some additional downtime on Monday (but only brief) as some disks are swapped and I correct some historical mistakes in the machine’s hardware configuration regarding disk layout and management.

Sites affected: the EBN itself (www.englishbreakfastnetwork.org) and the KDE4-OpenSolaris package site (solaris.bionicmutton.org) and some personal sites, including Sebas’ vizzzion.org, bionicmutton.org and euroquis.nl.