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Farewell to the Mountains

So the last train has left Randa, and we can look back at a — judging from the bugs that were fixed and the ideas that were traded and the code that was written — successful sprint. The last two … Continue reading

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FreeBSD in Randa

There will be a BSD-centric talk at Akademy / QtCon this september. Yay! Since it’s rainy in Randa today, I’m going to write a little about all the bits-and-pieces of FreeBSD packaging that I worked on. The *NIX-packaging BoF has … Continue reading

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Randa in General

One of the nice things about the Randa meetings is — for me at least — is the return to an almost student-like work scheme. Sleep, eat, code, repeat. The hacking room downstairs (there’s two more upstairs) has 16 people … Continue reading

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Zanshin 0.4 on FreeBSD

Zanshin 0.4 was released a little over a month ago. Today I got around to fixing up the packaging (see, this is why tooling and automation is important) for Zanshin on FreeBSD in the area51 repository. One stumbling block was … Continue reading

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Reconciling Packaging Data (2)

So previously I looked at the dependency data available in KDE repositories, and how that translates to information in the FreeBSD packaging system (i.e. the ports Makefiles). It seems likely that judicious use of list_dependencies can help fill in the … Continue reading

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Reconciling Packaging Data

At the Randa sprint 2016, we’re talking about KDE om all the platforms. And I’m here to represent the traditional packaging scheme. FreeBSD ports are created by writing a Makefile which contains some settings and then invokes some magic. The … Continue reading

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GPG key transition

Some time ago I blogged about resuming the use of my GPG key (with short-ID FEA2A3FE, which I always thought was a neat ID). On that post someone commented that the key way weak and didn’t follow current best practices … Continue reading

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I’m going to Randa!

Like Christoph, I’m going to Randa! It’s a long train ride, but that means I can get some hacking done on the way. You can support the Randa meetings! Click on the image for fundraiser information. The Randa meetings are … Continue reading

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